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Over the summer, I got talking to Eddie about the prospect of starting a website together that would act as a home for some writing that we wanted to do. In his typical way, he agreed readily, which brought me great happiness because I wasn’t sure what it was he would be up for doing. He’d not long returned from university and I feared he might be interested in focusing on his career. That would have made two of us, and that’s not conducive to getting things done. It’s better to have one guy who can just about squeeze a thousand words out every two weeks and one guy with his heart bent on getting things up and running. Together you have two guys.

That was the original name for this site. Twoguys.com. The link was already taken and it directs to a site selling sex toys for men. We decided to stay clear of their domain for now. We don’t want to tread on any dicks.

We chose Slumped because of the connotations of sleepiness and laziness. Both Eddie and I have been involved in projects before that have eventually slumped. Some faster than others, granted. And heck, I might just be speaking for myself. The idea is that we keep putting things up here for you all to read and if one day we forget or grow lazy then you only need to look at the name of the site and you won’t feel so hard done by.

What a pitch eh? Come to our site. Maybe find new content. Perhaps we’ve forgotten. Up to you to find out.

This is going to be the home of the ideas that spunk from the mind of Eddie and Alex. There’ll be writing, pictures, videos, audio recordings, confessions, admissions, observations, there’ll be night writing and day writing, scans and copies, quotations and conversations, there’ll be interviews and nonsense that will maybe make you laugh.

Whatever it is, it’s an explosion.


Born: 31/10/2016 || We're working on it.

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