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Tinder to Cinder

Cinder, cinder! Swipe right on your tinder,
Another conversation disaster, no wonder you binned her,
Trust you to be the fire kindler.
Could you hold that torch as you burn through winter?
Or would it be preferable to find someone fitter?

Cinder, Cinder! Swipe left on your Tinder,
She looks like shit but you still want to be in her.
She talks pretty well, thank god for that filter,
Well, go ahead and engage your shag-o-meter,
Head out on a date and tell everyone on twitter.

Cinder, Cinder! Well done, this one could be a repeater,
The date went terribly, the food was good and the hand job was a beater.
She’s looking for a completer, you’re in her race and not the only sprinter.
She’ll crush you, a man defeater, she just wants free drinks and a free dinner.
Oh! Cinder, Cinder! A regular DM receiver, you hold no court, don’t let it deceive ya.


Hey, Savage Man

What are you doing, savage man?
When will you get out of bed and stand up?
Savage man, when will you get up?
Savage man?

You don’t have to if you don’t want to.
Currency is currently coming and going.
Currency is coming and going.
Is this why you wake up Savage man?

Hey, Savage man?
Can we ask you something?
Why not pack it all in?
You don’t have to wake up.

Savage man, will you get up?
We’re concerned about your performance.
Savage man, get up.
Currency must come and go.

Anyone Else

If she has smiled at you,
she’s smiled at a lot,
of you’s.
Her day full of seeing
and yourselves.

You’re special,
yes yes, special.
just like everyone else.

You’ll love her,
like you could
anyone else.
And the mutual bond
will set itself in stone
until the cracks do crack
and they crack,
just as they would
with anyone else.

Good Thought

And good thought was perished ,
Quickly and moderately in self doubt.
And good thought did not come to fruition,
Good thought was interrupted.
Quickly, and moderately.
In Self doubt.

And good thought is laid to rest,
Buried under self doubt, laziness too…
And good thought is remembered and reflected upon.
Bones of good thoughts, remembered in verse.
And verse came. Quickly and moderately.